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Biotemple Hawaii

Mitzi Twizzle

Mitzi Twizzle

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Mitzi Twizzle is amazing raspberry flavoured spagyric neuroenhancer. I originally "received" the recipe for this in a visionary "flash" of inspiration. It took me three years to get around to making it but it's finally here. The flavor on the tongue is deep wild and electric, you can feel it unfolding in the body into a state of easeful awareness.

In the visionary state in which I "received" the recipe, I was basically told "this is called Mitzi Twizzle and here is what's in it." When I have these potent experiences they are usually very pivotal and this is no exception. A few others and myself have been working with this spagyric honey preparation for about a month now. I take about ten drops a day under the tongue and sometimes a bit more. I am more than pleased with the results and their effects on my creativity, intellect and energy. There is nothing speedy about this just wholesome nourishment for the brain and body.

Since working with the Mitzi Twizzle, my thinking has become radically holistic and fluid, bridging concepts and connections and overcoming blocks intellectually, spiritually and emotionally. 

This last week or so I've been headlong into studying biochemical signatures of the amino acids and their correlations in the human body and in plants. The parts that I have not been able to grasp intellectually are being bridged artistically by beautiful imagery. 

The main ingredients have been consciously and carefully harvested and crafted from the jungle and sustainable agriculture practices. The ingredients I use in my formulas tend to be very concentrated and further activated by the alchemical practice of adding "plant salts" to the formula. (I don't skimp on quality or quantity. If I use a plant in small quantity as a "note" or to support other herbs, it is with full intention.) 

Why "plant salts"? 

Many plant compounds are ionophores meaning they require ions to transport them across cell walls. These plant salts assist in that process but also according to tradition hold something of the quintessence of the plant. These  ingredients work together to create a synergistic effect.
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