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Burdock Spagyric Gut Health Protocol

Burdock Spagyric Gut Health Protocol

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I want to live in a world made by loving hands. 

I want to harvest every bit of medicine I make lovingly from the land, feel its growth and how it changes with the seasons. Once again the Burdock planted this year has yielded extraordinary medicine. 

This burdock, this deep root has seen the solar cycle in the soil. Balancing and changing its chemistry as a living record. This becomes the healing medicine in our own body. 

Our intestines are like the digestive microbiota of the soil. The burdock has learned to feed this with a starch called inulin. This inulin feeds the microbiota in our guts and acts as a prebiotic. The other compounds in the burdock keep thus feeding process in balance. Thus is likely, along with turkey tail why it has anti cancer effects. It can maintain its form while destroying cells that are not within the intended form. Fennel root also balances digestion. When we see plants that are working in the landscape similarly they generally have a synergistic effect because their means of working are similar or complimentary. Synergy means that the compounds have a dynamic effect greater than the sum of their parts. This formula also contains bee bread extract. Bee bread is known as a perfect food, containing pollen, enzymes and other powerful compounds.

It is important to remember the gut brain axis in all of this. When our guts are out of wack often our thinking and emotions are as well. Often in childhood, trauma can lead to string, lasting physical symptoms. Remember a time when emotional trauma felt like getting "punched in the gut"?. Often that trauma shows up as gut issues later in life and a diminished sacral fire. Often this trauma may come from parents and our connection to our lineage root may be damaged. 

To compliment this both gotu kola and motherwort are used in the formula. Gotu kola not only helps with brain function and vitality but also helps to heal scar tissue. Motherwort acts as an anti anxiolytic, cardiac tonic and bitter herb that helps to stimulate the gastric juices. It is important to be able to taste these bitter compounds as it us the signaling mechanism to the brain, to produce these effects.

In addition to the spagyric honey formula the protocol also includes psyllium husk, clay, chia and sea salt to absorb toxins from the blood.

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