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I am offering a new package called the Triplicity. It's a wonderful opportunity to work with three of my beloved formulas. 

Aurora- this is a beautiful alchemy of Banisteriopsis caapi vine and 24 karat gold nanoparticles. The main compound Telepathine is said to increase telepathic powers. It's a wonderful antidepressant connecting on with the noble aspects of the higher self through the synergistics of gold and Aya vine intimately bound together through an alchemical process. 

Lokelani and Egyptian Rose- In the middle ages, the rose was prescribed by doctors for female jealousy, an indicator of it's power as an empathogen a substance that increases empathy. I have the deepest love for this rose medicine. I've tried many and have yet to find another formula as exquisite as this. 🌹

It is suggested for intimacy taken both internally and used externally for lovemaking. It is made of rose and honey beautifully alchemized through a secret process. 

Astral Dreamer- Bacopa and Mugwort with a microdose blend of toé, burgmansia bark, aya vine and hemp. The bacopa is incredibly grounding and I'm not sure I would be working with this blend without it. Bacopa actually decreases addiction responses and improves cognitive function. The burgmansia is in a very safe dose and it comes from the lower tree bark.

The flavor of it has bitter floral notes of neroli and tangerine along with vanilla bean. All of the ingredients in this formula have been hand harvested on island. It has a small amount of alcohol that allows it to get into the blood stream quickly. Some people report vivid dreams with it as many of the ingredients are dream promoting. In my experience working with dream formulas is a challenge because everyone's brain chemistry is so different, although personally I notice more dreams. This formula is excellent for increasing magnetism

This pack can be shipped world wide and is available for $170 plus shipping. This is a considerable savings over buying them separately at around $70 each. I have 11 of the Triplicity sets available, bottled and ready to ship out. If you have been considering trying my formulas I highly recommend this.
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