CoSafe19 is Made for Every Body.

CoSafe19 is the first locally sourced plant-based aid that is designed specifically for common long-lasting symptoms such as

blood clotting, fatigue, loss of sense of smell, lung issues, and loss of intestinal flora.

You don’t have to compromise your mental, emotional, physical or spiritual body in order to heal.

You don’t have to put synthetic ingredients in your body in order to heal.

You don’t have to ingest harmful synthetic chemicals in order to heal.

  • Immune Support

    While there is no known "cure", CoSafe19 may reduce the negative effects caused by the disease. Your immune system can then develop antibodies to the virus.

  • On Demand Aid

    Keep it in the fridge for up to four months. 66% of infections of the recent strain are reinfections. Make this easier on yourself and have it on hand for when you need it.

  • Fast Shipping

    Options of 2 day or 3-5 day shipping. Local to Hawai'i and the mainland as well as international available.

Hey, how are you doing. Can we talk?

These last few years has been hard on us. We lost a lot of friends and loved ones, suffered economically and emotionally. It's been stressful.

And through all of this, we've recognized that we need to live life more in balance with nature, that something has just gone completely out of whack in our culture.

Now is the time to course-correct, both on the global scale and in our individual lives. And we are so supported. Our natural environment gives us the tools we need in order to optimize our bodies, minds, and spirits.

I've developed CoSafe19 to help support us through moments of vulnerability in our immune system. It's a wild-harvested, delicious, all natural and organic formula made from a proprietary blend of herbs and organic honey from Maui Hawai'i.

I'm Bryen, medicine maker and the creator of Biotemple.

I started my journey with planet chemistry over a decade ago. My great aunt and great grandmother were herbalists and medicine makers.

A large part of the work that I do with plants has to do with learning from both a scientific and spiritual point of view how to see and feel medicine emerging from the landscape.

In the medicine tradition of Hawai'i, where I have lived, studied, and worked for the last 10 years, it has been said that when a plant shows up in a neighborhood, it's for a disease that hasn't happened yet.

Let's talk about blood clots. Blood clotting has been found to be a major cause of both death and lasting symptoms due to infections over the last three years.

What if I told you that plant medicines have been used to prevent and remove blood clots for thousands of years. Amazingly, many of these plants are antivenoms like the plants in the CoSafe19 formula. Antivenoms often work because they prevent blood clots which lead to death.

If you are looking for accessible and natural alternative support, you’ve landed in the right place. Welcome!

FAQ's in no way constitute medical advice. Please consult a knowledgeable Doctor, Naturopath, or Herbalist for further advice.


How is CoSafe19 different from other available natural formulas out there?

Cosafe19 takes a novel apporach. Based on scientific research the main plant in CoSafe19 acts as an antivenom. Pluchea Indica, one of the parent plants in the hybrid Pluchea species used for the medicine, is effective as an antivenom for many kinds of snake bite. While the virus itself is not snake venom it has been shown to act in much the same way. CoSafe19 utilizies this knowledge to help prevent the formation of blood clots, which are often the major culprit which cause more serious issues from infection. Other treatments often focus more on the antiviral components. Several of the
ingredients also have antiviral capacities, however the body can do a good job of fighting off the virus if it doesn't suffer lasting damage in the process. Many of the ingredients of CoSafe19 are also cooling herbs in the Traditional Chinese Materia Medica. These herbs are said to clear heat.

Can CoSafe19 be taken for other ailments?

Yes, CoSafe19 can also be taken to support with coughs, colds, and bronchial issues. People find it helpful with general sluggishness and it can also be used for helping stimulate mentrual flow.

What is in it and what does it do?

The formula is a proprietary blend of herbs. The main extract is derived from a rare, naturally occurring hybrid of Pluchea Carolinensis and Pluchea Indica. These plants have a long history of traditional usage for both coughs, colds, bronchial issues as well as snake bite. Research has shown that the morbidity mechanism is remarkably similar to rattlesnake venom. He Shou Wu has a long traidition of use in chinese medicine both as a chi tonic and as an antiviral. Mint and Eucalyptus act as both support for the lungs as well as as vasodialators that allow increased blood flow to the brain. Oil of Oregano acts both as an anti-viral and an antimicrobial and preservative. Milk thistle helps to support the liver and clear excess heat from the body. It's been show to decrease the cytokine storm. Liver protection is also provided in case the patient decides to take Ibuprofein for the pain associated with headaches and body aches.

What is the basic protocol and dosage?

Start taking CoSafe19 as soon as symptoms become apparent. Take 1 teaspoon, 4 times a day. If a woman is menstruating lower the dose to just 10 drops a day. As a blood thinner and anticoagulant, the full dose may correlate to a heavier period; if this occurs simply stop taking it and your period will return to normal in a few hours. You can resume taking CoSafe19 when your period is finished.

Can I take it after I have been ill, when the symptoms last a long time beyond illness?? What is the protocol?

CoSafe19 can help you feel better after or during symptoms; for this application 2 bottles are recommended. The first can be taken at the regular dosage: 1 teaspoon 4 times a day for seven days and then 1 tsp twice a day until the medicine is finished. Take no more than ten drops a day if menstruating.

Can I take it if I've had a shot?

Absolutely, some people have taken it to support them specifically after they have had a shot.

Will I get sick again after I've had it once?

Unfortunately, most people are susceptible to infection at some time regardless of whether they have developed natural immunity or received a shot.

Does CoSafe19 contain anything for the headache and body ache pain?

People have different relationships to different kinds of analgesiscs and pain medicines. For this reason there is no ingredient specifically for pain. The formula contians milk thistle as a liver protectant because many pain meds like Ibuprofein, which can be effective, may negatively effect the liver. Mint and Eucalyptus can help with mild pain but may not be effective for that purpose.

Can I take it along with Ivermectin?

Yes, although we have seen better results and less side effects when CoSafe19 is used without Ivermectin, which can have mild toxic side effects.

Can I take it with Paxlovid?

Paxlovid is relatively new on the scene for treatment. Following the manufactures guidelines about drug interactions we suggest waiting 2-3 days after you have completed the Paxlovid treatment.

Can I take it while breastfeeing or pregnant?

Although the majority of the ingredients have some traditional usage during pregnancy, there is very little good research available for breastfeeding and pregnant woman and we do not recommend it's use without consulting a qualified naturopathic doctor that is very familiar with these herbs.

Can I take it while on my period?

Yes, however as an anticoagulant, it is recommended that it is taken at a lower dosage of only ten drops a day. If the blood flow becomes noticeably heavier than discontinue it's use until after your period. If it becomes heavier it will return to normal levels after a few hours. The plants in CoSafe19 are in fact used at times traditionally to help start stagnant periods.